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"elflock" is a tangled lock of hair, as from "hair matted as if by elves." I’m pretty sure they mean the Brownie-ish kind, but I really like to imagine the Middle Earth elves compulsively running around matting dwarf hair, and the dwarrow denying them this joy, and that’s why they hate each other. 

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School of Thrones Panel LeakyCon Portland 2013 (by Steph Mills)

Cooool!  Sad I couldn’t be there, but nice to actually see it!!

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Ho ho, you are no match for the mage-knight and her enchanted spellblade! Best accompanied by some fitting 8-bit music.

(*secretly hopes someone busts out RPG Maker and turns this into a real thing*)

Love, love, love!

I’d play this.

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I cannot be the only person who thinks the Hannibal fandom should totally be infiltrating the #SwagStag tag.

Because that’s a crossover that needs to happen, Internet.

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Like seriously, how is she so awesome?

Uh, spoilers for that thing that happened.

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The big spoiler from last night’s GAME OF THRONES no one’s talking about?

Rickon speaks.

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It’s a
Nice night for a
Red Wedding…

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I am at a Kate Nash concert. Which is super awesomecakes.

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Enjoying Dodger Stadium.

Enjoying Dodger Stadium.