On the future of School of Thrones (and other Things)

Hello internet! I wanted to take a minute out of preproduction for Muzzled the Musical to address some questions I know y’all have about School of Thrones and what’s going on with our channel and the like. It’s totally our fault for not addressing them sooner, we apologize! In spite of appearances, we have actually been very busy behind the scenes.

I know it seems like we’ve been ignoring SoT and not doing anything, but we’ve almost had season two set up…twice. Lots of work in the background has been going on. There’s a lot of moving parts to coordinate in getting projects of any size off the ground, and we’re not in charge of all of them. The first time we faced an unexpected contractual issue that got resolved just in time to see Google stop funding premium channels, which left a lot of companies in a lurch. The second time we were so, so close to closing a deal…and then the PTB decided to narrow the focus of the channel in a way that excluded our content. Which. Bummer. We haven’t given up, though, because we all love it so much. It’s basically all we talk about parties. We are a lot of fun at parties. 

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"elflock" is a tangled lock of hair, as from "hair matted as if by elves." I’m pretty sure they mean the Brownie-ish kind, but I really like to imagine the Middle Earth elves compulsively running around matting dwarf hair, and the dwarrow denying them this joy, and that’s why they hate each other.